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When it comes to heavy haul, Patriot’s got you covered.

Large and overweight shipments require careful planning, specialized equipment, experienced personnel and a solid safety record. That’s why you should choose Patriot for your next heavy haul project. With years of heavy haul experience, we take on our customer’s most challenging projects and turn them into certified successes.

Patriot Heavy Haul offers a full fleet and full service project management. Including:
– Heavy rigging
– Equipment transfers
– Trailers up to 75T/10’ deck
– 3-3-2 Trailer for heavy loads
– Landoll trailers
– Flatbeds
– Certified welding
– Highly trained drivers
– Securing permits
– Exemplary safety record

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Dedication and Service

At Patriot Service Inc. you can count on a few things to always be true. We value integrity and we handle each job and treat each client with the reliability and honesty they deserve. We value hard work and safety. You can count on each Patriot employee to give your project their all and to uphold the highest standards of safety in the industry. We value determination and will work diligently to find the best solutions to your heavy equipment needs, especially on those hard-to-tackle projects that require us to go the extra mile.