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Patriot Sales and Service will keep your projects tuned-up!

Keeping your heavy-duty vehicles properly inspected and serviced can help you avoid unnecessary breakdowns that threaten your carefully planned schedules. That’s why Patriot Sales and Service offers a wide range of services to fit your company’s needs:

– Scheduled investment maintenance
– DOT maintenance compliance
– OSHA/ANSI based inspections/repairs
– Inspections – monthly, quarterly & annually
– Onsite repairs
– A Parts Department for all your parts needs

Of course, having workers trained for the job at hand is essential to getting the job done right. Patriot Sales and Service also provides training for a wide variety of specialize jobs, so that you can have the certified employees you need to keep your business moving. Certified/qualified training programs include:

– NCCCO Crane
– Rigging/signal
– Fork lift
– Ariel lift
– Job site safety
– Overhead crane
– DOT compliance
– Tracking/maintaining company records

We’ve got your sales, service and training needs covered. Call us today at 402-431-2RIG.

Dedication and Service

At Patriot, Inc. you can count on a few things to always be true. We value integrity and we handle each job and treat each client with the reliability and honesty they deserve. We value hard work and safety. You can count on each Patriot employee to give your project their all and to uphold the highest standards of safety in the industry. We value determination and will work diligently to find the best solutions to your heavy equipment needs, especially on those hard-to-tackle projects that require us to go the extra mile.